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  •  Prosport Ford Fiesta ST180 52mm EVO Boost Gauge BAR and fitting adaptor RED BLUE

Prosport Ford Fiesta ST180 52mm EVO Boost Gauge BAR and fitting adaptor RED BLUE


Ford Fiesta ST180 boost tap and gauge

52mm Prosport Evo (Red/Blue switchable ) BOOST - 3 Bar

The new Prosport Evo LCD gauges have taken the market by storm and have to be one of the best looking automotive gauges available. 

With the ignition switched off the gauge face is totally black (clear lens) and when the ignition is switched on the gauge bursts into life with an exciting green or white opening sequence.

These awesome gauges display the actual boost pressure in the centre LCD display which is surrounded by a relative level indication display.

They also have fully adjustable brightness and operate using the very latest high precision pressure sensor making them extremely accurate with ultra-precise movement. 

The distinctive red or blue LCD display and bar indication display make them perfectly clear during the day or at night. 
These very impressive gauges can be wired for red or blue display and they can be wired to switch illumination with headlight activation.  

They offer stunning looks, fantastic quality and easy fitment, making it suitable for novice installation.

All gauges in this series are supplied in a presentation box as a full kit with instructions.

2" / 52mm Diameter Gauge
Slimline Body - 30mm Deep
Clear Lens (Black Display With Ignition Off)  
270 Degree LED Display Stealth Black Bezel
Highly Visible red or blue LCD Display
Adjustable brightness
Latest High Precision Sensor, hose and T piece included

The Fiesta Mk7 ST-180 Ecoboost engine has no original vacuum or boosts pressure take-off points directly from the inlet manifold without modifications possibly voiding the warranty.

Our billet aluminium (anodised black) boost/vacuum take-off adapter simply sandwiches between the original Ford MAP sensor and the inlet manifold to create the perfect boost gauge or dump valve connection.

This is very simple to install and can be fitted in less than 5 minutes, so perfect for both novice and professional installation.

Can be removed in case of warranty issues

Our adaptor is also supplied with the required extended fixing screw.

Even though we list this as a Fiesta ST180 "KIT", you will still need to find somewhere to fit the gauge and run the wires through the engine bay to inside the car.

The gauge is a universal boost gauge and we supply the billet adaptor for the inlet manifold as shown in the picture.

No car specific instructions are included.

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Prosport Ford Fiesta ST180 52mm EVO Boost Gauge BAR and fitting adaptor RED BLUE

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