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  • InCarTec RunSwitch 7.5 Amp Power Module 10-608

InCarTec RunSwitch 7.5 Amp Power Module 10-608

RunSwitch 7.5 Amp Power Module

The RunSwitch creates a simple, cost effective accessory output, reducing installation times and eliminating potential damage to vehicle parts and components.

This device connects to the battery or any 12-volt constant circuit providing easy access to an accessory power source without having to tap into sensitive vehicle wiring.

An internal LED fuse illuminates when power is activated allowing for quick and easy set-up, functional circuit confirmation and diagnostics.

Due to its compact size, it can be connected and then discreetly hidden away.

In the event more current is needed RunSwitch can trigger one or multiple relays. 

Wire Connections

YELLOW: Connect directly to a 12V battery (+) terminal.  This is the INPUT power to the RunSwitch module and requires a constant power connection directly from the 12V battery.

BLACK: Connect to system Ground.  This could be the vehicle chassis or direct connection to the (-) terminal on the 12V battery.  

RED: Connect this wire to the accessory (+) INPUT that is typically connected to 12V power.  The accessory GROUND wire will require a connection to chassis or (-) to complete the circuit.

The RunSwitch will automatically detect when the vehicle engine is running and will provide power to the accessory device.  The RunSwitch fuse will be illuminated to indicate power is available to the accessory device at that time.  When the engine is turned OFF, the RunSwitch will automatically detect the loss of alternator charging and will turn OFF after a short delay once the battery voltage stabilizes.

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InCarTec RunSwitch 7.5 Amp Power Module 10-608

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